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The Annual DC Fly-in will now be a series of virtual zoom meetings with members of Congress and other key leaders during 2021. We have set the dates of Tuesday, March 9th and Wednesday, March 10th for these meetings. 30 minute zoom sessions will be held with members of Congress and key staff from 10:30am – 3pm EST each day. Already, meetings are confirmed with US Senator Tammy Baldwin, Congressman Garamendi, Congressman Courtney, and key staff from the Hill and Congressman Wittman’s office. Once all schedules are confirmed we will send out zoom links for our members to attend the meetings. Members of Congress like to know who they will be meeting with so we do need you to confirm your attendance, even if it is tentative at this point. Please use the attached form and send to or call her at 228-216-9048.

Also, the deadline is here to nominate members of Congress who should be considered for the Annual Thad Cochran Leadership Award. Attached you will find the nomination form and award explanation. Please send in your nominations by close of business on Monday, February 22nd. Nominees should be members of Congress so please limit your nominations to these individuals. Any companies who can sponsor the DC Fly-in will be recognized as sponsors of this award during the virtual presentation.

For the DC meetings, we will be up-dating our ASSA White paper, please send any specific language and/or questions you want us to include in the white paper and during these meetings.

2021 DC Meetings
Download DOCX • 109KB
Thad Cochran Nomination Form Final
Download DOC • 103KB
Thad Cochran Leadership Award Nomination
Download • 118KB

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