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The American Shipbuilding Suppliers Association is a private organization that                           for its members



in the shipbuilding supplier industry to ensure a

firm and enduring




American companies

and the United States defense programs.


  • Access to influential Congressional representatives involved in support of domestic shipbuilding suppliers for the Navy

  • Access to senior  Navy personnel involved in the shipbuilding acquisition process

  • Regularly scheduled forums for Navy and Congressional presentations on issues relating to the shipbuilding community

  • Assistance in scheduling Congressional visits periodically throughout the year

  • Round table discussions with active duty and retired shipbuilding executives to address strategic concerns

  • Attendance at an annual off-site conference with Congressional members at rotating shipyard venues to discuss issues concerning the shipbuilding industry

2021 Onsite with Celeste Drake.jpg

To join ASSA contact Tish Williams,

Senior Vice President


Annual Dues

The rate determined for each  member company's annual dues is dependent upon the corporate revenues the shipbuilding portion of the company acquires. The cost of additional events throughout the year is not included in annual membership dues.

Level I – $1,000 – Corporate Revenues below $2M


Level II – $2,000 – Corporate Revenues of $2M – $5M

Level III – $3,000 – Corporate Revenues of $5M – $15M

Level IV – $6,000 – Corporate Revenues above $15M

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