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Our Team 

George E. Williams, Chief Executive Officer

George Williams has been named by the Board of Directors as CEO of ASSA.  A veteran of the United States Air Force, George Williams, specializes in government relations, organizational management, and business development. He previously served over 20 years as a state agency director in the area of business development for the States of Maryland and Mississippi, and was a leader on numerous national boards and committees.  He also has experience working for the private sector, managing government relations programs in eight states and Washington, DC.  During his time with a national private sector company, he attained development agreements with government, secured real estate options for development sites, and coordinated market research to support the company’s expansion plans.  During his time with the State of Maryland, he developed and grew an economic development program that generated $4 billion dollars in receipts and 30,000 new jobs over five years.  During his career, he has also served as CEO of a national membership based non-profit and was Vice President of an international non-profit corporation in charge of marketing. 


In his role with ASSA, he will lead the group to deliver a seamless transition through non-profit management, strategic government relations and issues management, impactful media relations, productive membership recruitment and retention, and integrated marketing communications.  Specifically, his time will be focused on:  membership sales and retention;  working with members on issues affecting the industry;  and, developing white papers to communicate issues and solutions to Members of Congress and officials with the Department of Defense, the U. S. Navy and the U. S. Coast Guard.  He will also follow legislation and communicate with members on actions needed to facilitate positive outcomes for the industry.

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