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2022 Annual Program Member Meetings & Events

Annually, members of ASSA meet with key senior US Navy personnel involved in the shipbuilding acquisition process through membership meetings, off-site events and the Annual Congressional DC Fly-in. During these meetings, members meet face-to-face with officials from the US Navy and members of Congress to discuss issues affecting the shipbuilding industry. Roundtable discussions are held to address strategic concerns. Members are invited to register to attend and sponsor. Notice will be sent prior to each meeting. The Board will make determinations as to when meetings can be held in person. In the meantime, when we cannot meet in person, we will hold virtual meetings via Zoom and time schedules will be adjusted as appropriate. All meetings are held in the EST time zone. All meetings and times are subject to change.

CALL ASSA TO INQUIRE ABOUT REGISTRATION FEES AND SPONSORSHIPS Phone: 228-216-9048 or 202-969-0083 27 January 2022 (Thursday) Board of Directors Conference Call 1000 EST Week of March 14th – Annual Membership DC Congressional VIRTUAL Meetings will be held through a series of virtual meetings during the week of March 14th. During that time, the recipient of the Honorable Thad Cochran Leadership Award will be presented. A specific schedule will be announced as meetings are confirmed.

4-6 April 2022 – Informal membership meetings held during the Sea-Air-Space Maritime Expo, Gaylord National Convention Center at National Harbor, MD. Membership & Prospect Luncheon will be held on April 6th at 12 noon.

26 May 2022 – General Membership Meeting – Held in DC or virtually via Zoom (Thursday)

1000 - 1600 EST - Location & Speakers announced prior to each meeting

4 August 2022 (Thursday)– Board of Directors Conference Call 5, 6 October 2022 – Annual Membership Meeting in DC. Presentation of the Founder’s Leadership Award.

October/November/December meetings with members of Congress and staff to advocate for issues facing the industry

8 December 2022 – DC Meeting (Thursday) 1000 - 1600 – Location & Speakers announced prior to each meeting

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