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NAVSEA Galinis’ Commander’s Intent

From the report

Today, as a nation, we are in challenging times – engaged in a Great Power Competition, working through the ongoing pandemic, and engaged in a rigorous debate on equality for all. One thing remains unchanged however, and that is that the U.S. Navy protects America’s interests at home and abroad by maintaining maritime superiority, deterring aggression, and providing humanitarian assistance. The cornerstone of our Navy’s success is the Navy’s ships and submarines. I will tell you, hands down, no other organization contributes more to advance our country’s naval presence than NAVSEA.

My intent is to build on the foundation of Campaign Plan 2.0 and the work of the ONE NAVSEA team with a focus on executing our mission and ensure our team is postured for an unpredictable future. We will evolve our current efforts to reflect the progress we have made to further step up our game in supporting the requirements of the Department of the Navy. The NAVSEA Team has demonstrated over many years that we are top-rate problem-solvers and the best at what we do. My commitment is to help you succeed by removing barriers and ensuring you have the resources you need. Together we must be relentless in executing our mission and looking for ways to improve and stay the best!

Our strategic direction and vision to Expand the Advantage of our military over our adversaries is sound. The NAVSEA Mission “to design, build, deliver, and maintain ships, submarines, and systems reliably, on-time, and on-cost for the United States Navy” underpins my priorities and aligns directly with the CNO’s FRAGO 01/2019: A Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority. Everything we do will align to the FRAGO and its focus on Warfighting, Warfighters, and the Future Navy.

Mission Priority #1: Deliver Combat Power – On-Time Delivery of Ships, Submarines, and Systems

Building and delivering combat power to the warfighter remains our top priority. Our Combatant Commanders rely on NAVSEA to provide the combat-capable assets they need, when they need them. We will meet that demand by delivering ships from new construction and out of maintenance availabilities on-time, war ready, and complete with the requisite quality to ensure reliable ships, submarines, and systems. Along with our industry partners, there is no team better at delivering this combat capability. We will be true to our commitments – to ourselves, to each other, and to our Navy. Even in these unprecedented times highlighted by the ongoing pandemic, we must maximize mission and get back to on-time delivery of ships with a coordinated focus on these broad areas:

  • Planning: Get the requirements and planning right up-front, drive stability in requirements, and establish accurate and executable plans / schedules

  • Workload/Resource Capacity Balance: Ensure the balance of resources (people, facilities, funding) with anticipated workload

  • Material: Improve supply chain performance and material forecasting and availability

  • Execution: Be relentless on execution. Achieve on-time delivery, fully tested and complete, with the requisite quality to ensure reliable and capable ships, submarines, and systems

  • Infrastructure: Execute the Shipyard Infrastructure Optimization Program (SIOP)

  • Information Technology (IT): Ensure effective implementation of Logistics IT for Navy Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (N-MRO)

  • Contracting: Establish and implement contract strategies that balance risk, provide for stable & predictable workload, effective change management, and build constructive, accountable contractor relationships at all levels while decreasing cycle time to get contracts in place

  • Initiative Implementation: Ensure rigorous follow-through of initiatives in execution on the waterfront

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