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ASSA Supports House Measure to Defend US Shipbuilding Suppliers from Foreign Manufacturers ASSA stan

The American Shipbuilding Suppliers Association (ASSA), the premier advocacy group for the U.S. shipbuilding supplier community, released a statement today in support of critical measures contained in the H.R. 2740, Minibus Package, in the Division C — Defense currently moving through Congress. ASSA stands firm with several U.S. House positions that U.S. funds should not be used to procure critical warship components from foreign manufacturers referenced in Section 8108 of the House Appropriations, Subcommittee on Defense funding bill passed by the House of Representatives.

ASSA outlined several vital arguments to support America’s priority to maintain a robust national technology and industrial base and has made it clear that a strong national industrial base is critical for national security. ASSA argues that as a matter of law (10 USC 7309), U.S. Navy ships are required to be built in U.S. shipyards and the “Buy-American Act” extends procurement requirements to the critical components of vessels. The House position affirms, and ASSA agrees, that deviation from these norms not only compromises supply-chain security and intellectual property considerations, but also threatens American job growth and poses a serious risk to U.S. national security.

George Williams, CEO of ASSA, stated that the “U.S. shipbuilding capability has literally persevered because of the ‘Buy American’ requirements.” Speaking on behalf of shipbuilding suppliers across the United States, he added, “if the U.S. does not begin to value U.S. manufacturing, it’s not inconceivable to think that the worldwide shipbuilding industrial supplier base will be monopolized by China in 10 to 15 years.”

ASSA urges Congress to take steps to halt the outsourcing of critical components for U.S. warships before the shipbuilding industry becomes too reliant on foreign-made parts and services. “We have seen tremendous erosion in the U S. industrial infrastructure over the last 25 years and that is why it is critical for Congress to immediately intervene to uphold a mandate on domestic manufacturing requirements for U.S. shipbuilders,” said Williams.

H.R. 2740 passed the U.S. House of Representatives on June 19th by a vote of 226-203. The legislation currently resides before the U.S. Senate for continued debate.


ASSA is a member-driven, national association representing the American Shipbuilding Supplier base to the U. S. Congress, Navy, Coast Guard and shipbuilders. The mission of ASSA is to advocate for the American Shipbuilding Supplier Base to ensure its long-term stability for supporting our national maritime industry.

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